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Portlandia - New Portland based comedy

Leverage - In between 4th & 5th season

Grimm - New Portland based show.

M'chel Bauxal was the hair stylist for Season 1 &
Dennis, M'chel & Gabe have been extras on this program.
M'chel Bauxal - Celebrity Makeup Artist
Dark Wing Productions
Dennis Gleason - Executive Producer
Cycology Today (2005)
On The Fly TV (2007)
Portland Teen Idol (2007)
Healthcare Symposium (2010)
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Gabe Gleason - Beatboxer/Comedian
Miscellaneous IMDB listings
Digitized (2006)
Whether you have been on television, in a movie or video/short or worked on the crew for any of
above, you deserve credit for your involvement. Mainstream programs and movies, the
producer typically do this for you.  But even the bigger shows don't give everyone credit -
usually the main characters and senior production staff.  
Smaller publications, shorts, cable or public access television shows and independent films  and
smaller parts or associated credits are not likely.
We work to help you gain a presence and build your online entertainment
resume to help you be seen as a professional.  We can help fix problems, add
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What is IMDB? It's the entertainment industries' talent and production database that links
people and companies to the work they were involved with.  This helps future projects
see your experience in certain areas to assist with hiring or partnering decisions.  Go to
IMDB.com and look up your favorite actor/actress, movie or TV show or yourself.
This is a private service. We do not work for IMDB or its affiliates.  We will only submit valid and real submissions.  
Are  you missing credits on IMDB or are you not even on it but have
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Or are you a director, producer or other official spokesperson for a
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To give you a glimpse of what you are up against - yes it is a fight, I, a person that is near an expert on the application that has
submitted hundreds of changes & projects/episodes to date, submitted a project on August 19th of 2011.  Its for a local television
show seen throughout the Portland area, over 2 million viewers with several replays.   With one episode a week for 7 years with
over 300 episodes - the producer didn't know about IMDB.

Today is 11/12/2011 - just short of 3 months since I submitted the project - it's still not there.  I have inquired, resubmitted it and
asked about it and nothing.  It appears that almost all the changes are manually done by IMDB.  Credits don't always get updated
the right way and have to be re-corrected - multiple times in some cases.  
So why pay someone to update your personal, business or
project profiles, submit credits or add a project?  It's 2011 and
it's online, it can't be that difficult, can it?
Unfortunately, in order to minimize the number of users taking advantage of the site, they have tons rules, codes, procedures,
processes and odd and weird querks to know, depending on what you are doing.  To be a member, it's going to cost ya. The
resume service and self profile is relatively inexpensive but to use anything but the photo and resume uploader, it's greek to
most.   If you plan to create a project, get comfortable and expect to be at it all day and pray after 3 - 4 weeks that they finally add
the project and longer to have all the positions and credits .... unless you do it all the time and know how to do it.
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NOTE: Time includes research, data collection and calls/email
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